This was the first time I repaint a commecial toy that is not considered at first glance like a miniature of which we normally paint. The size is about 6 cm. high, equivalent to paint a 70 Mm. miniature, more or less.

Like any model, before I had to prepare it before paint, removing some mold lines and fixing some flaws, but it took very little time, unless the preparation almost miniatures of some well-known brands, but that's another topic ...

I paint it with black primer spray to grab the paint as it was to suffer a lot with the weathering process and usually if the base coat is then shot with airbrush painting probably jump. The painting process was very fast. I paid special attention to some details, like eyes, and in general all yellow front view. Then I added dirt with pigments to achieve the final result. In short, not more than 7 Euros, which is what cost the toy, I've got a well result and it brightens the day to the person who now has it at home.

Also, with this model I have thought some of the most rewarding things since I've been in this hobby, is that after upload the pictures to the web, a Pixar graphic designer contacted to me. He worked on Wall-E, Toy Story 3 and Up among others films. He congratulate me for the work. I recognize that such acknowledgments are much more important than any award you can give.