Grand re-opening!

Today is the emusestudio´s grand re-opening!

As you can see, there are obvious changes in the blog design, but also in content. To begin, you have now two blog versions, one in English and the other in Spanish. At any time you can select the language you prefer to the top of the blog, next to the search box. Some oldest post are still in spanish. Sorry for the inconvenience, I´m working on it.

Besides the regular features you can now find new ones, such as reviews section, where I´ll write of some of the most interesting aspects of this world, such as miniature brands or some figures reviews, all from a totally objective viewpoint. I have also added a work in progress section, where you can see what I have in progress now, only if is not a secret!

I also added social icons, so you can share blog posts and pictures with your contacts. Also you can subscribe via RSS Feed. As you can see, there's a next activation icon, which will link to my Youtube channel, where you can watch videos of my figures, with 360 ┬║ views.

Also, the gallery design has been changed, making it more comfortable when browsing and also quite innovative.

I hope you like all these changes, and please, be creative.

NOTE. Internet Explorer users may experience problems with some out of alignment elements. It doesn´t happen with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope to fix it as soon as possible.

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