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Let´s start with reviews! I´ve written a short analysis of a Spanish brand that in the next days will celebrate its first anniversary. Tercio Creativo, with its flagship project, the game 1650, a Capa y espada. I have to start saying I'm not a wargames player, so I'll talk about painter's point of view, analyzing only their figures. Also, I´m lucky because I´m working with them to paint some box arts, so I speak from experience. As it is normal to make an introduction to the game, the staff of Tercio creativo sent me a small review of the background:

1650 is a skirmish game set in an ucronia of Spain (Iberia) in the Seventeenth Century. The king died, the Gauls have taken most of the North and East of the peninsula and the Lusitanians have done the same with the West. All possessions of the empire in Europe have been lost and the tercios return home to try to keep their enemies away from Andalucia (The Purgatory). In this field, two Factions have been created: The New Order and the Old Regime, who fight each other in the streets of Seville (Ysbilia) for the right to direct the recapture.

As you see, this is a game whose background is different the typical fantasy miniatures based on classic characters like elfs, orcs or dwarfs, and that blends historical and imaginary elements. The miniature´s design is near to cartoon style.

The figures are 30 Mm scale, although there are some larger, up to 40 Mm. and are made of resin. I have to say that the copies I've had in my hands have been a very good quality, with no bubbles and mold lines. From the point of view of the painting, the truth is that you get complicate everything you want, but if you just play with them is easy to achieve good results with relatively little work.

The figures also have many details, so the painter can simulate different kind of materials such as leather, fabrics or metals. The metal objects such as weapons or armor are perfect to be painted using the NMM technic. Faces are simples but have great quality, which is appreciated at this scale. I consider that too much texture and detail interfere the work of the painter. Miniatures are complemented by terrain elements which have prominence in the game.

I remind you that Tercio Creativo has launched a painting competition, where you can get some cool prizes, and you have until November 7 to submit your works. You can check the rules here.

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