The last figure I painted for a contest has been Yarry from Enigma Miniatures, the classic among classics. The expression "no Yarry, no contest" is something you always hear in all events!. It´s certainly a very attractive figure to paint, either for beginners or more experienced painters. It has all the classic elements in a figure like skin, clothes and metals, and especially a big size face and exquisitely sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre, by the way a few years ago. Since I started to paint figures I have always heard that Yarry is the perfect figure to jump to 54 Mm miniatures, something that is difficult to most of the small scales fantasy painters.

At first, I wanted to paint it with normal tones, but the result was not convincing me, so I thought to strip and I would start to paint it other day. Nothing is further from my intention to mix black, white and purple that I had on the palette of a previous paint. But as we all know, sometimes we must left go by inspiration. At one point in the process I decided I would try to use other tones depending on the material, giving them a different appearance than the viewer could make out at first quick look. For this reason I used among others violet tones for skin, greens for clothes, and neutral grey for metals. This can be seen clearly in the enlargement I put below.

The figure is for sale. This figure won´t be available for sale in a ebay auction. So if you're interested you can contact and ask me without any commitment.

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