Captain Darnath Lysander

I liked this figure for a long time and now I had the opportunity to paint it. When you take a quick look to the miniature you realize is easily assembled with bits from a Space Marines terminators box and some putty, but it has something that makes it different and unique. The face has a lot of personality, and the hammer and shield are details that add much strength to the figure. I Hope you like it!

Grey Knight Terminator with step by step

I love the color scheme and how I painted two years ago the Nemesis Dreadknight duel (still on sale), without using metallic paints or nmm to simulate the armor. So I decided to paint one Space Hulk terminator, without Blood Angels icons, using the same scheme. Although obvious that does not have the same painting level of GD Nemesis Dreadknight, I like the final result.

And as I took some pictures of the process, I post a small step by step of how I've painted it. I hope you find it useful!

1. I apply Games Workshop black primer. Then, airbrushed a medium grey.

2. Airbrushed grey with more white.

3. Airbrushed pure white.

4. I start the weathering process. As you can see, I paint chips at the edge of the plates and at other estrategic locations. Then, I finish the weathering process adding some rust.

5. I paint with black every non-white element to see the overall effect of the armor. I apply lights and shades as it needs. I also paint another miniature details.

6. I start to work the non metallic metals, applying tones, lights and shades. I don´t finish to work these parts in this step.

I continue painting another miniature parts.

8. Now I start to retouch the whole figure to have consistency. Lightning parts, shading, apply tones, highlights, concrete effects, accentuate zenith lights...more time you spend at this step much better will be the final result.

Necrom Studio fantasy football amazons funding campaign

Hi all!

Another crowdfunding campaign! Necrom Studio looks for help to produce a fantasy football team of twelve completely different amazons, in 28mm scale. Indiegogo link here.

I´ve painted some box arts os this new company, and I guarantee the quality of their products.

¡Bienvenidos a Necrom Studio!

Some words and campaign details from 3D sculptor and company manager E. Palomares:

"I'm investing a lot of effort on modelling a team formed by twelve amazons, completely different and customized. At the beggining of the campaign I have already finished seven of them. I will be updating the pictures of the remaining team as I complete the modelling of each figure. I guarantee that the full team will be ready to print at the time I receive the funds to start printing

Some months ago I started computer modelling, faster and more comfortable than the traditional process according to my point of view. And what is more important, it can be used to create a higher detailled miniatures. A 3D printer is needed to make real the desing, after many trials I found the perfect one. The costs for printing a model are not small, but the details worth it. It's like handmade

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask. Thanks in advance for supporting my proyect, I hope we can make it real."

The team roster is:

Linewoman x4

Blitzer x4

Thrower x2

Catcher x2

 Linewoman 1 PP

Thrower 1 PP

Thrower 2 PP

Catcher 1 PP

Catcher 2 PP

Blitzer 1 PP

Blitzer 2 PP


$1-Generous contribution.

$17-2 Amazons Pack: Choose 2 figures from the entire 12 amazons team. You can pick the same model twice if you want. The stretching goal miniatures are only for Super Pack buyers. Free shipping worldwide!

$100-Super Pack A: You will receive a complete 12 amazons team, and the unlock miniatures from the stretching goals. Free shipping worldwide!

$115-Super Pack B: You will receive a complete 12 amazons team plus 2 amazons of your choice. You can pick the same model twice. And, obviously, the unlock miniatures. Free shipping worldwide!

$130-Super Pack C: You will receive a complete 12 amazons team plus 4 amazons of your choice. You can pick the same model if you want. And, again, the unlock miniatures. Free shipping worldwide!

Draznicht - Commission Work

If you have followed the Work in Progress section these days sure you have seen this figure that I´ve finished today. As you can see, I have removed the original head, which I think is not a good sculpt, and too small compared to the body. I used a space wolf head, which I cut the hair. The paintjob completes the chaos warrior appearance.

The figure is a bit chaotic because all the non metallic metal parts. Red colour is worse in photographs than in reality and has more contrast, but I ´m happy with the final result. Hope you like it!

Chaos Cultist II

Another plastic Chaos Cultist from Dark Vengeance box. I love these figures!

Ron And Bones "Pulpillo" - Upgrade - For Sale

I had this figure in my glass cabinet for 3 years. It was on sale all that time, and I decided a few days ago repaint some parts, like metals to non metalic metals, the face and the octopus. Also, I added some chains in the base.

The figure is still for sale. Contact me if you are interested.

Chaos Cultist

A fantastic plastic Chaos Cultist from Dark Vengeance box. This miniature is for sale. Contact me if you are interested. -SOLD-

New Gallery and changes in Wip section

Some changes in emusestudio! As you can see if you click here, I´ve changed the gallery design and moved it to a regular section of the blog because I started to experience a lot of problems after the inclusion of the new blogger interface. Also, I´ve taken te opportunity to simplify and reduce it, and to include new photos of some old figures.

I´ve also decided that the work in progress section will become more important from now. When I paint a commission I have to take a lot of photos of the process, and sometimes it´s useful for anyone to publish these photos. So, wips section will be updated with all my figures in process (only if there aren´t secret projects), publishing new photos until I finish the figure. Sometimes I´ll finish some figures in a few days, but it´s true that other times I start a new project and pictures in wip section will be there for a long, long time.

I hope you like the changes!

Nicolás López & Guillermo Flamberga - Tercio Creativo - Box Arts

New box arts for Tercio Creativo, Guillermo Flamberga, first of the Mercenary personalities you could see during their Indiegogo campaign and Nicolás López, mercenary and amateur inventor. Not one of the better fighters out there. Not even one of the better shooters, but who cares? With his pepperbox, surely he will get one or two good shots, no matter who is he aiming to.

You could purchase them from next week here.

Astorath The Grim - For Sale

I tell you first the tortuous history of this Figure. A Greek client ordered to me some time ago to complete his Blood Angels army. The package was returned to me three times, two of them with broken figure. All shipping info were correct, but we never knew what happened. Of course I think Greek postal service is the responsible, but I don´t know why. Therefore, We reached an agreement and I´m going to sell the figure.

The commission was a tabletop work level, so I decided to push the painting to make it more spectacular. I also had to repair it because the paint had chipped in many parts of the figure.

The final result is far more spectacular than at first. Coming soon I´ll post a short article where you can see the differences through a comparison of before and after.

As I said, the figure is on sale, so if any of you are interested in buying can contact me at

Brom - Commission Work

Always is a pleasure to paint one of the Enigma figures sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre. Brom is another classic like Yarry or Airtis, and luckily I had to paint it few months ago. It's a pleasure when the commission coincides with your personal taste, because to paint something that you feel uncomfortable is one of the worst things that can happen for a painter, both for oneself and for the final result of the figure.

I was very happy with the result. I hope you like it.

Another Band For 1650 - Tabletop Work

Another small band for 1650. As you can see, the color scheme is different from the box arts, but the result is equally interesting.

And stay tuned to the blog and Third Creative forum in the next days because I will begin a workshop to paint one of their figures and you´ll can participate if you want.

The Gorgon - Tabletop Work

A new commission work. Tabletop level. I hope you like it!

Teclis - Commission Work

One of the latest commissions that I´ve painted. It´s the old version of Teclis, a classic miniature which has a special charm and a unique style of the Games Workshop figures produced in the 90's, but that also is full of rough details. The client asked for a scheme similar to Volomir´s High Elves Sea Guard, mixed with some details of other Teclis seen on CMON, such as the freehands. Hope you like it!

Sorry for the photos. This time are worse than usual. Colors and definition aren´t similar as reality. Donations accepted for a better camera! :D

Rogue - Tercio Creativo - Box Art

My last Box Art for Tercio Creativo. This kid rush up and down the tabletop insulting the pawns for making them activate and ROB THEIR MARAVEDIES.

1650 Crowdfunding

News from Tercio Creativo:

1650 Crowdfunding.

After thinking about this for a long time, finally today we can say that the crowdfunding of 1650 for getting the funding for printing the rulebook, with more than 120 pages and IN COLOUR, has started. Stay tuned, because we'll throw ourself into this. Rulebook won't be the only thing we will do, if we get the goal.

We have lots more ideas and by using crowd funding, we aim to create things that would be impossible for us to release in the usual way. As we get nearer our goal we’ll show you new miniatures, new bands and maybe even a NEW FACTION.

To thank our funders, there are a number of perks. With our starter-packs you get to choose the miniatures as we want you to get exactly what you need. So, for example, you could go for the option B perk and take:

Rulebook + Alguacil + Verdugo + Guardia + Recluta + Padre Calixto.

Or you could opt for:

Rulebook + Oficial + Recio + Zurriago + Mochilero + El Embajador.

Any mixture is possible.

In addition, all the backers who help us reach our goal will also get Extramuros 05 for free.


Option A - Poor thing
1650’s rulebook + 1 Personality (special character)- $19

Option B - Noob one
1 “noob” Starter-pack (with 4 figures and their 4 Contract Cards) + 1 Personality (special character). FREE shipping - $38

Option C - Pro one
1 “pro” Starter-pack (with 4 figures, their 4 Contract Cards, 14 Dexterity Cards, 20 Panoply Cards, 10 Maravedies, 2 dices, rulebook, 1 sack and 5 Lamps) + 1 Personality (special character). FREE shipping - $60

Option D - Friends one
2 “pro” Starter-packs (with 4 figures, their 4 Contract Cards, 14 Dexterity Cards, 20 Panoply Cards, 10 Maravedies, 2 dices, rulebook, 1 sack and 5 Lamps) + 4 Personalities (special characters) + 1 map of Ysbilia. FREE shipping - $125

Option E - Master one
2 “pro” Starter-packs (with 4 figures, their 4 Contract Cards, 14 Dexterity Cards, 20 Panoply Cards, 10 Maravedies, 2 dices, rulebook, 1 sack and 5 Lamps) + 4 Personalities (special characters) + 1 map of Ysbilia + 4 houses of El Purgatorio + 1 Pack of Extramuros 01 + 2 Crosses (Latin and Tau) + 1 Polvorin. FREE shipping - $250

Option F - Complete one
2 “Complete” Packs (with all 10 figures of a band, their 10 Contract Cards, 14 Dexterity Cards, 20 Panoply Cards, 15 Maravedies, 2 dices, rulebook, 1 sack and 5 Lamps) + 1 Leader of each “Complete” Pack, painted in pro tabletop level by Emuse (our painter) + 4 Personalities (special characters) + 2 Antagonists + 1 map of Ysbilia + 4 houses of El Purgatorio + 1 Pack of Extramuros 01 + 1 Pack of Extramuros 02 + 2 Crosses (Latin and Tau) + 1 Polvorin. All FREE shipping - $550

Blood Bowl Goblin And Diorama

Two commission works for a Blood Bowl lover. I hope you like it!