Sardar Tillius

I hadn´t yet upload to blog this figure I painted before Christmas. Specifically, this miniature belongs to the defunct Rackham company and his game “Confrontation”. The game is set in Aarklash, a world of fantasy where knights, wizards, priests and barbarians fight each other as well as fantastic creatures such as wolfen, elves, orcs, goblins and the undead. The entire world is at war and all are fighting for the supremacy of the continent. In general, there are some models that I like very much, specially some dwarfs and goblins, and I think all of them are good models and very detailed sculptures, but I don´t like the most of the concepts. In short, I don´t enjoy painting them beyond the fact that I´m doing an activity that I love, but nothing more.

The Sardar Tillius figure is very small and thin, so imagine the headache that was to paint all the golden filigrees of the armor. The rest of the figure is easy to paint, perfect wrinkles on the clothes and a tiny but well defined face, always making essential from my point of view the non-metallic metal treatment in all supposedly metallic areas. I think there are figures, a kind of figures, with a marked style. These figures demand this treatment in the metallic parts, and I think Rackham miniatures belong to this group

Something about the base The client wanted that the figure had a gaming base, with the space limitation that it supposes. I didn´t want to extend the base to both sides, take much more land from the original gaming base diameter.

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