Astorath The Grim - For Sale

I tell you first the tortuous history of this Figure. A Greek client ordered to me some time ago to complete his Blood Angels army. The package was returned to me three times, two of them with broken figure. All shipping info were correct, but we never knew what happened. Of course I think Greek postal service is the responsible, but I don´t know why. Therefore, We reached an agreement and I´m going to sell the figure.

The commission was a tabletop work level, so I decided to push the painting to make it more spectacular. I also had to repair it because the paint had chipped in many parts of the figure.

The final result is far more spectacular than at first. Coming soon I´ll post a short article where you can see the differences through a comparison of before and after.

As I said, the figure is on sale, so if any of you are interested in buying can contact me at