Grey Knight Terminator with step by step

I love the color scheme and how I painted two years ago the Nemesis Dreadknight duel (still on sale), without using metallic paints or nmm to simulate the armor. So I decided to paint one Space Hulk terminator, without Blood Angels icons, using the same scheme. Although obvious that does not have the same painting level of GD Nemesis Dreadknight, I like the final result.

And as I took some pictures of the process, I post a small step by step of how I've painted it. I hope you find it useful!

1. I apply Games Workshop black primer. Then, airbrushed a medium grey.

2. Airbrushed grey with more white.

3. Airbrushed pure white.

4. I start the weathering process. As you can see, I paint chips at the edge of the plates and at other estrategic locations. Then, I finish the weathering process adding some rust.

5. I paint with black every non-white element to see the overall effect of the armor. I apply lights and shades as it needs. I also paint another miniature details.

6. I start to work the non metallic metals, applying tones, lights and shades. I don´t finish to work these parts in this step.

I continue painting another miniature parts.

8. Now I start to retouch the whole figure to have consistency. Lightning parts, shading, apply tones, highlights, concrete effects, accentuate zenith lights...more time you spend at this step much better will be the final result.