INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN - Two stretch goals added!!

I´ve added the two first stretch goals in my Indiegogo campaign.

If I reach $1500, all the contributors at LEVEL C and above wil receive one Golden Demon project PDF step by step. The main character of this awesome diorama will be a Warhammer Giant.

PDF features:

- Over 25 pages.

- Tons of “work in progress” photographs.

- Extracts of my painting journal. Thoughts, difficulties and conclusions about the process.

- High detailed explanations of each step.

- All texts will be translated into English by a native english speaker.

- PDF will be sent to your verified email adress.

- Estimated delivery: August 2013


In this ultra-detailed PDF step by step you will be able to learn among other things:

- How to paint human skin, using airbrush and brushes.

- How to built a scenic base. Composition and how to tell a story.

- How to paint using OSL.

This tutorial only will be for contributors. I promise that I will never publish this tutorial or any similar in any physical or digital media. And obviously, If I don´t reach the goal, I won´t write the tutorial.


If I reach $2300 all the contributors at LEVEL C and above will receive a physical copy of the three PDF tutorials. You will have about 90 pages with tons of work in progress photographs, detailed explanations, tips and advices.

- Each tutorial will be printed in A4 size as magazine with saddle stitch binding.

- The shipping costs for LEVEL C were free, but now, if I want to ship the printed stuff in perfect conditions, I find myself obliged to charge the following shipping costs (LEVEL C only):

- European Union: $4 – Total perk cost: $54
- Rest of the World: $6 – Total perk cost: $56

Rest of the perks have no changes about the shipping terms.

- If you don´t want to pay the shipping costs, I will send the pdf tutorials by e-mail and the DVD by mail, as planned from the beginning.

- If you have chosen LEVEL A or B and want to upgrade to LEVEL C or above, you can change it at any time. Choose the new one and I will refund your first option when campaign ends.

- The printed tutorials will ship from September 2013, and you will have the possibility to choose if you want the PDF tutorials in the estimated delivery dates or would you rather wait for the physical format.