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I´ve decided to enable comments in post entries, so now you´ll have the possibility to ask me whatever you want!.

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3. I don´t use colour recipes, so try to avoid this kind of questions.

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  1. My name is Antonio Peña and I am a follower of yours.

    How do you work the scratches on your miniatures? I imagine it will be a heavy work of care and patience, but I would love to know more about this.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you because of the results in crystal brush 2013. You deserved this and more. Spectacular work "the walking dead"!

  2. Hi Antonio!

    Thanks for your words!

    Ok, basically it´s a work of care and patiente, as you say. There are no secrets, only practise.

    I´m going to copy and paste a summary of an old article where I explain the technique:

    "Those effects are performed after regular lighting and shading. All of them are done with brush technique. Some of these effects could have been created with Maskol or similar products, but I prefer the brush method because although it is more complex and slow, it is more accurate. With it, I can control all the effects I want to achieve. It is simply a matter of choosing the right color tone taking into consideration the base tone of the piece we want to wear out. In this case, as the figure has mainly light colors I chose a mixture of Scorched brown by Citadel with Dark earth by Vallejo, which provides the perfect contrast. However, options for this kind of mixtures are almost endless. This technique requires patience, as it involves drawing small irregular marks, never rounded, with a very sharp paintbrush, not necessarily a small one. The small chipped traces must be completed with very thin lines that simulate scratches. It is really common that chipped painting, if not planned beforehand, has a regular general effect, as we tend to make all traces look similar. The key is to alternate their direction, size and shape. As a complement to chipped traces you can create rust effects such as stains or spurts in some areas. Smoke color by Vallejo is perfect for this purpose, because it provides a glossy touch simulating grease. Other tones close to Vermin Brown or Vomit Brown by Citadel also work perfectly well."

  3. My name is Jose (TheArmymaker)

    First of all congratulations for your prize in Crystal Brush. From my point of view, a very well deserved prize, and thank you for letting us asking questions.
    I would like to ask you about your bases or plynths for the mini. I really love the bases of Lysander, dreadknight, the teacher, and grey knight terminator with this strong red earth. Could you please be so kind of explaining a little bit how you did them?
    Thank you ver much and congratulations

    1. Hi Jose.

      Thanks for you congrats!

      It´s very easy, don´t worry! There are only tree barks and red/orange earth pigments. You can buy the pigments or make your own mixture with pastels, but you will need a pigments fixer. I use MIG pigments fixer.