Mini Ogrum Ironheart

This was my last figure before I started to paint the Crystal Brush projects. As you can see, it´s a version in miniature of the big scale figure "Ogrum Ironheart" from Pizarro Miniatures, originally sculpted by Alfonso Giraldés a few years ago.

The new figure from Tale of War miniatures is sculpted by Ivan Santurio in 30 Mm. I've added some pieces of my spare parts box and some putty for the mechanical arm. A simple conversion that only has taken me 20 minutes. I have also added other pieces to make it as similar as possible, although it is not my intention to match the figure to 100%. If at first glance looks very similar are more than enough.

I´ve changed the base after Leganés contest because I wanted to make a little tribute to Alfonso´s original figure, not to my version.

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Sorry for not to continuing the step by step, but I didn´t have time with the Indiegogo campaign and the Crystal Brush projects.

It won a gold trophy in the Chicago Crystal Brush awards and a gold medal in Leganés contest.

The figure is for sale. Contact me if you are interested.


  1. I love this piece and wish I had the money to buy it!! Great job. I would like to ask which is your favourite personal piece to date and if you could pick out a piece by someone else as a favourite, what would it be? The Skull Bus is one of my own favourites although, it is very hard to choose!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for the comment. My favourite personal piece? let me think about it..could be Invocatio from Scale75. Normally, I don´t like my figures when I finish to paint them, but I don´t have this feeling with the sorcerer...I don´t know why.. ;) And my all-time favorite from another artist could be "rest" from Alfonso Giraldés banshee, among many others of course.