The Walking Dead

And finally, the first of the two big projects that I painted for the Chicago Crystal Brush Awards: The walking dead. Remember that the second one is in progress.

Although everything about this piece will be explained in detail in the tutorials I'm preparing for the contributors of the Indiegogo campaign, I want to explain now some features about how I prepared the piece.

I love zombies, I grew up with Romero´s classic movies, and although the genre has taken a direction that I don´t like too much, the vast material that is now available makes me happy and gives me the chance to choose between films, tv series, comics, games, merchandising, etc. So I was waiting about some high-quality walking dead miniatures to make a diorama. I would have preferred that there was more zombie figures of this scale in the market to make a bigger diorama, but I had to resign myself and I thought in a small scene, as close as possible to a film poster, where it seems to someone has pushed the pause button and the main character remains in his coolest pose, completely ignoring what happens around.

The composition of the scene is a classic isosceles triangle where the main figure, the zombie hunter, is in the upper part. The effect is accentuated during the painting process, because as you can see, the lighting level is higher in the main figure and a shading circle is surrounding it.

I wanted to give a very dark atmosphere with the painting so I used a lot of black paint and desaturated colors. The result in person and in these pictures is much more evident than in the photos that were taken for the contest, over illuminated and making colors much more intense than in person.

Also note that the fat zombie is my first attempt to sculpt and although it is clear that it doesn´t have the same difficulty that a complete body figure with another pose and full detailed, I have to say that I´m very proud and of course it won´t be the last one!

Like I said before, I´m preparing the first tutorial of the Indiegogo campaign, where you will be able to learn every point of the process (I have more than 500 pics). How to paint dead and human skin, blood effects, how to built a scenic base with several figures and other elements, how to use pigments, ultra zoom pictures, sketches, detailed explanations...among other things.

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