Indiegogo rewards status and some previews

Hi all!

A few days after I sent the pdf version of the Step by Step about "The Walking Dead" piece, I come back with a new update! As you can see, the second pdf is in progress yet. fact the mini is still in progress, but is almost finished! Do you want to see a preview? Here it is! He is a big big guy!!

Also, I´ve almost finished all the private tutoring so now, I will have more time to work in the figures and in the tutorials. These have been my first private workshops and I must say it is still a wonderful experience. I´m thinking of following the workshops if the spanish people are interested. Soon I will post a review of my workshops. Stay tuned!

And I have to paint 3 figures of the Indiegogo Campaign and two more for two german friends. There are a preview of the two space marines, almost finished, one Imperial Fist and another one of an undetermined chapter (these are my favorite space marines). The space marine librarian of the campaign has been replaced by Freya, a beautiful mini from Nocturna Models. It´s also in progress at this moment.

The video tutorial is the most difficult reward for me. When I want to record a little step by step like for example "how to paint non metallic metals", I need the entire day to finish it, and sometimes I don´t like the result and I have to record it again. It´s a hard work. So sorry for the delay again.


  1. I was there hahahaha :D
    It´s an incredible work: tutorials, video tutorial, private tutoring...
    No one can imagine the hard work you are doing.

    I have read more than eight times the Walking Dead Tutorial, and every time I discover a new thing.

    Thanks for all Enrique.

  2. Heh! i think i know that guy with the Infamous t-shirt! :P
    Great experience, and awesome professor. So far the pdf material is so well put up. Cant wait for the rest!!

    Thanks for some really cool days of summer ^_^