Seven unpainted miniatures for sale

New unpainted miniatures for sale!. Cheap prices! Contact me if you are interested! Thanks!

Celtic chieftain. Romeo Models. Scale: 54 Mm. metal. Price: 19 euros. Price in shops: 31 euros. Condition: New, without box.

Pirates. Andrea miniatures. Scale: 54 Mm. metal. Price: 39 euros. Price in shops: 60 euros. Condition: The first one is stripped but in perfect condition and the second one is new but the edge of the sword is broken. It needs a little repair.

Severus and David de la Vega. Enigma miniatures and Tale of war miniatures. Scale: 30 Mm. metal. Price: 15 euros. Price in shops: 25 euros. Condition: The first one is new and the second one is stripped, but in perfect condition.

Prince Althran. Games Workshop. Scale: 30 Mm. metal. Price: 7 euros. Price in shops: 16 euros. Condition: New. SOLD

Le gardien. JMD miniatures. Scale: 54 Mm. resin. Price: 12 euros. Price in shops: 25 euros (discontinued). Condition: Primed.

TERMS OF SALE: Shipping costs: 13€ Worldwide. Combined shipping: Add 1€ for each miniature. Paypal accepted. International buyers are responsible for costs such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees. If you have any question, send me an email to my contact address.

CONDICIONES DE VENTA: Los gastos de envío son 6 euros por lote, pero si se compra más de uno sólo se sumará 1 euro más por lote. Pago por transferencia o paypal. No se entrega en mano. Si tienes alguna pregunta puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo sin ningún compromiso por medio de mi email de contacto.

Random encounter! - V.2

Hi all! The second version of the H&V´s dwarf is here! This was the first of the four dwarfs, and I started to paint it in my first workshop ever. As I said, I think that this is one of the best figures for workshops because you can learn about every key point like how to paint faces, various types of fabrics, non metallic metals or true metals, leather, etc. Also, it´s the perfect scale to jump from small scales to big scales. Most of the people use to start to paint gaming figures and they have fear to the big scales. This kind of figures like dwarfs or hobbits are perfect because they are in the middle between 30 Mm. and 54 Mm.

The figure was painting with low intensity cold tones and a very limited palette and high contrast. This version is my favorite. I´m very happy with the light effect and the overall effect. I hope you like it!

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Putty&Paint - Review

In this occasion I´m going to write a review about a recently launched online miniature gallery, Putty&Paint. I had long been thinking that miniature painters and sculptors need a new gallery, a gallery which join the best of the best, with a fair judging system, without commercial interests and without fanboys more focused in the background of your last Space Marine that in your painting skills. This review has some extracts of the Putty&Paint´s FAQ.
On Putty&Paint it’s all about you and your projects. A place for artists to show their latest works and a great source to get inspiration. No forum, no figure shop, no news. There are plenty of other great sites for that. Putty&Paint is for talented figure painters, sculpters and scale modelers. There is no focus of style, genre or scale. However there is a focus of quality – Putty&Paint is for the best you got. The projects you are proud of and want to share with the world.

At this point it´s normal to compare with CoolMiniOrNot. I think that one of the biggest mistakes of CMON is the unfair voting system. You can vote anonymously and some people use this factor to vote dishonestly. Yes, maybe the problem is about people and not about the voting system. It´s sad. Your artist´s score is an average within your 5 best scores, but many painters usually submit the same miniature in different entries, so if you get a good score it will be multiplied by two or three, and thus is altering the voting system. To give you an idea, in the top 50 there are only 28 painters with five different projects in their top five scores. In Putty&Paint you can´t vote anonymously. There are some conditions if you want to vote:

- You must be a registered member.
- You must have uploaded at least 2 projects yourself.
- You can only vote once!

A perfect decision for my taste.

Also, and this is one of the best things, some artists who were not registered in CMON and another missing artists are uploading their figures in Putty&Paint. As a recent website, I miss some awesome artists as Sang Eon Lee, José Palomares, Sebastian Archer, Ben Komets, Joaquín Palacios, etc., but I´m sure they will be part of Putty&Paint in the future.

Your artist info and gallery

In Putty&Paint you have medals. Yes, you have a score too, but your vote is a medal, not a number. And what do the medals stand for? It’s just like the rating on a competition. Imagine you are a judge, be fair and judge by the work itself not by your personal taste. If you think a project is good enough then award it with a medal. Just an average project if you think a project is just average and not that good, then do not award it with a medal.

- Bronze Good Job.
- Silver Awesome Work
- Gold Top Notch Work – Impressive in every way.

Voting interface

As you can read in Putty&Paint website, before you vote keep a few things in mind:

- Do not compare projects. Vote for the project itself.
- Do not just judge the painting level of a figure.
- Consider mood, story, effort, conversion, too.
- Pay attention what the focus of the work is. Sculpting, painting or basing?
- And of course be fair. This is no war, this is about fun. No need to envy or vote the “sake of justice”.

Each vote will count a certain amount of points. Bronze average, silver more and gold a lot of points. All votes’ points will be calculated to determine a final score from 0 to 100pts. If you score enough points you will receive a medal.

- From 35pts – Bronze
- From 65pts – Silver
- From 90pts – Gold

The rating for a project will be displayed, when the project has been voted a least 10 times.

Also, Putty&Paint has a blog where you can read interesting interviews and some reviews, and of course is present in the social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

I´m very happy with this project and I hope that Putty&Paint will be the reference miniature gallery in a near future. Congratulations for your work Phil!

Indiegogo campaign - painted miniatures

Some contributors of my Indiegogo campaign chose the perks E and F, that included miniatures painted by me. Now, I´ve finished these figures and I´m sending the packages. I had to paint Freya, a beautiful 54 Mm. miniature from nocturna models, two space marines and one miniature from the Infinity range. I chose Achilles because I loved the Volomir´s version (you can see it here).

I have to say that I´m impressed with Alfonso Gozalo´s work in Freya. A superb anatomy, ultra fine details and a good dynamic pose. A pleasure to paint. Thanks at this point to Santiago Sánchez, who help me in the first steps of the painting process. I saved a lot of precious time.

As I said I like to paint Space Marines with unusual colors. I had to paint one Imperial Fist because the contributor wanted a miniature of this chapter, but I had freedom with the other one, so I decided to paint it in orange. I like the final result!

And Achilles, one of the smallest miniatures that I´ve painted ever! This is my first Infinity figure, but now I´m painting one of the big robots, Scarface. Stay tuned!

And thanks again to the contributors!

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Random encounter! - V.1

This is the first of the four (yes, four) H&V´s dwarfs that I started in my workshops and I´m finishing in my free time. I love this figure from the moment I saw for the first time. I think he can be the new Yarry...superb sculpt from Jonatan Monerris, perfect to practise (all kind of materials) and the ideal scale to jump from 30 Mm. to big scale figures. I painted every dwarf with a different approach, one in warm tones, another one in a nocturnal atmosphere, another in a cold environment, etc....also changing the color scheme in every figure. This first version is the most similar to Diego Esteban´s awesome box art.

All the dwarfs are painted with high contrast. I wanted to teach my point of view about this theme to my pupils. Oh, and I´ve changed the sword of the kit for another that I made with plasticard, a straight sword.

I hope you like it! and stay tuned for the next dwarfs! only three more and Disney will be able to make a new film!

You can see the another dwarfs in the work in progress section.

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Indiegogo rewards status - II

Hi all!

Another update! As you can see I´ve finished all the painted figures. I will contact with the backers who chose this perk in the next days to send the miniatures.

I´m working in the second tutorial. The figure will be revealed in Monte San Savino Show. I don´t know if I will be able to go because I don´t find a place to stay at this point, but in any case I´ll show the figure that weekend and I´ll start to send the second pdf tutorial a few days after.


Hi all! Another miniature started during one of my workshops and finished now. This time a little bit different than the Space Marine Terminator. Raúl and Miguel learned how to paint skin, clothes, leather and non metallic metal among other things. It was a great and funny workshop!. Thanks to both of you!

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