Indiegogo campaign - painted miniatures

Some contributors of my Indiegogo campaign chose the perks E and F, that included miniatures painted by me. Now, I´ve finished these figures and I´m sending the packages. I had to paint Freya, a beautiful 54 Mm. miniature from nocturna models, two space marines and one miniature from the Infinity range. I chose Achilles because I loved the Volomir´s version (you can see it here).

I have to say that I´m impressed with Alfonso Gozalo´s work in Freya. A superb anatomy, ultra fine details and a good dynamic pose. A pleasure to paint. Thanks at this point to Santiago Sánchez, who help me in the first steps of the painting process. I saved a lot of precious time.

As I said I like to paint Space Marines with unusual colors. I had to paint one Imperial Fist because the contributor wanted a miniature of this chapter, but I had freedom with the other one, so I decided to paint it in orange. I like the final result!

And Achilles, one of the smallest miniatures that I´ve painted ever! This is my first Infinity figure, but now I´m painting one of the big robots, Scarface. Stay tuned!

And thanks again to the contributors!

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  1. I'm soooooooo looking forward to receive the achilles. Really cool work on all the others as well!

  2. Hey may I know where can I get a Freya miniature?

    1. Hi Darren.

      You can buy it in a lot of online shops like cmon shop, e-minis, quimera, etc, and of course in the online shop of Nocturna Models.

    2. Hey thanks for the reply, and this is beautifully painted, hope you don't mind if I share this on my Facebook hobby group, thanks and good day=)

  3. Looks fantastic! I regret I didn't pick perk with marine :(
    Now I look forward to the dvd even more!

  4. Excellent stuff. My pick of the bunch is Freya. I would love to know how you did the skin on her.

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    It´s really complicated to explain how to I painted Freya´s skin in a few words...There are a lot of colors: different tones of brown (yellow, orange, red..), green, violet, blue, etc.. Sorry!