Random encounter! - V.2

Hi all! The second version of the H&V´s dwarf is here! This was the first of the four dwarfs, and I started to paint it in my first workshop ever. As I said, I think that this is one of the best figures for workshops because you can learn about every key point like how to paint faces, various types of fabrics, non metallic metals or true metals, leather, etc. Also, it´s the perfect scale to jump from small scales to big scales. Most of the people use to start to paint gaming figures and they have fear to the big scales. This kind of figures like dwarfs or hobbits are perfect because they are in the middle between 30 Mm. and 54 Mm.

The figure was painting with low intensity cold tones and a very limited palette and high contrast. This version is my favorite. I´m very happy with the light effect and the overall effect. I hope you like it!

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